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​Headhunter Cologne – Look & Graffelder as the first choice

​Benefit from our extensive experience as headhunters. Cologne is our home next to Frankfurt, but of course we’re there for you nationwide and, if you want, internationally as well.

The headhunters at Look & Graffelder Cologne are the strategic partners for traditional medium-sized companies and Dax groups in Cologne, Frankfurt and beyond, both nationally and internationally.

Headhunting - Unsere fixen Standorte in Köln und Frankfurt

When it comes to seeking and finding specialists, managers and high potentials, we’re one of the leading German headhunters for financial services and engineering. As personnel consultants and headhunters, we offer years of experience and comprehensive know-how in direct search, executive search and expert search.

From our location in Cologne, we not only serve the Cologne Bonn area or North Rhine-Westphalia, but are available wherever you need us.


How we work at Headhunter Cologne

The headhunters at Look & Graffelder Cologne work professionally and efficiently right from the start.

After drawing up a clear and meaningful job profile, we start looking for the candidates who best fit the vacancy. We also take our client’s corporate culture into account. Naturally, we pay attention to every detail.

Since most highly qualified specialists, especially at the upper level, aren’t actively looking for a job, you can’t reach them with conventional recruitment methods such as job advertisements or career fairs. Simultaneously, the “war for talents” is raging. This makes personnel recruitment one of the strategic challenges for companies that want to continue operating successfully on the market in the future.

Our recruitment methods

We focus on direct search and active sourcing using proven processes and methods. In addition, we’ve managed to build up an extensive network over many years, both in Cologne and nationwide.

Our headhunters in Cologne provide our clients with ongoing feedback on interim results during the search process. This lets our clients focus on their own core competencies.

We promptly introduce you to the brightest talents in incisive reports and make recommendations. This way, our contacts can get to know the potential new employees as quickly as possible.

Besides the areas of plant engineering, structural engineering and building services, we specialise in asset & wealth management, corporate banking and investment banking in the financial sector. Just like in the manufacturing industry, it’s particularly hard to find highly qualified personnel in these sectors. Our specialisation guarantees in-depth industry knowledge and expertise, as well as a specialised network that brings together the right experts.

​Our identity

As Headhunter Cologne, we prefer to work with full mandates, i.e. an exclusive assignment. Combined with our sportsmanship, our bite and our perseverance, this guarantees optimal, rapid results.

However, human resources work is also a matter of trust. It was like that in the past, it still is today and it will remain like that in the future. This applies more than ever in times of digitisation. We take this responsibility seriously and guarantee the utmost discretion and fairness.

We always act with reliability, integrity, trust and professionalism.

For career seekers

If you’re looking to advance professionally, we’re ready as a personnel consultancy in Cologne, Frankfurt and beyond. We’re always there when you need to find interesting jobs that mark the next step in your professional career.

Cologne, for example – as one of the most populous cities and the fourth largest city in Germany with over one million inhabitants – offers numerous career opportunities for applicants. Of course, this also applies to other, vibrant big cities; and exciting challenges may even await you in smaller towns.

These generally can’t be found officially on the well-known job boards. We have access to numerous interesting positions with our clients. We’re happy to have a detailed discussion with you about which of them offer you the best career prospects. Start your professional future with us, in the shadow of Cologne Cathedral or at another beautiful location in Germany.