Real Estate

Robin Kellmann

Managing Partner

  • Over 5 years of experience as a specialised personnel consultant
  • Many years of industry specialisation in the field of asset & wealth
  • Since 2022 as managing partner at Look & Graffelder

+49 (0)221 – 985 92– 118


Real estate personnel consulting – our expertise, your success

Robin Kellmann, Managing Partner of Look & Graffelder, specialises in personnel consulting in the real estate sector and is your direct contact when it comes to recruiting specialists and managers in this challenging environment.

Recruiting is difficult throughout the real estate industry. This is not a new development – the shortage of skilled workers has been hitting here for some time, as in many other sectors; but it’s being exacerbated by current challenges.

A recruitment market has developed, which means that the best brains and talents can often choose their employers. Many of them are already specifically recruited during their studies or training, which means that they never actively look for a job. For companies, this means that the competition in the search for personnel is becoming increasingly fierce.

This makes it all the more important, especially now, to turn to the hidden candidate market and address passive candidates.

Robin Kellmann and his team of professional headhunters use highly effective and efficient methods to find the most suitable talent in this market. To do so, they resort to executive search and direct search and utilise their excellent, industry-specific network.

Specialists from the real estate sector who are interested in a career can also contact Look und Graffelder if they’re ready for their next career leap. Thanks to long-standing, trusted contacts in the industry, Robin Kellmann and his team have access to the hidden job market where career opportunities that aren’t accessible via public job portals open up.

For the reasons mentioned above, the recruitment consultants in real estate at Look und Graffelder form the optimal interface between the hidden recruitment market and the hidden job market, and are able to produce results in a short time that satisfy all parties involved.

We’re ready for you!

Contact us today if you’re interested in career opportunities in Real Estate – together we’ll find the precise position that suits you and will take you forward. And we’ll take your professional skills and your personal preferences into account.

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Their professional advice, extensive networks and deep understanding of the industry give them not just a feel for your vacant positions, but also the ability to fill them reliably. Benefit from their many years of experience!

Regions in which we offer personnel consulting in real estate

Thanks to state-of-the-art communication and working methods, we don’t limit ourselves to our locations in Cologne and Frankfurt – we’re there for you nationwide and beyond in the entire DACH region; for example, in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Düsseldorf, Zurich or Vienna.