WWF Tiger

Go with the Tigers!

Look & Graffelder supports the work of WWF with regular donations for tiger conservation projects.

What WWF is doing to protect the tigers

For many years, WWF has been committed to saving the tigers.
International conservation projects are aimed in particular at reducing the three main causes of endangerment:

Habitat loss

poaching and illegal trade

Conflicts between humans and tigers, which tigers often pay for with their lives

100 years ago, 100,000 tigers lived in the forests of Asia. In 2009, only 3200 tigers have been counted worldwide.

In 2010, at the Tiger Summit in St. Petersburg, Russia, WWF set the goal of doubling the number of tigers by 2022. Since then, the number of tigers living in the wild has increased for the first time in decades, at least in some countries:
Today, about 3890 of these majestic big cats live in the wild.